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Founded in 2016, VIA Transport GmbH is headquartered in St. Johann in Tirol. At VIA, we bring history and extensive knowledge to move freight successfully. Our team has the experience to take your transportation needs and provide the best shipping method to deliver your freight to its destination. We network with countless carriers across Europe to match your service requirements. Our goal is to bring you the very best transpiration and customer service for all your shipping needs.

VIA combines the friendly and caring customer service of an old-fashioned transport company with top-modern logistics systems. At VIA we provide freight transportation services you can trust, driven by front line shipping technologies and supported by our responsive staff of freight transportation experts.  You can count on reliable freight management and more with VIA.

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Freight Transportation – Our Expertise

Our logistics professionals advise and manage each shipment in order to guarantee that it is cost effective, safe and efficient. With many years of experience, we pride ourselves on our successful transportation and freight management.

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24/7 At Your Service!

At VIA, we believe good service to be very important. If you have any questions or remarks, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly 24/7.

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We Move Cargo Across Europe!

When it comes to shipping your freight, we know no boundaries. Our logistics transportation experts has the experience, knowledge and talent to solve your shipping needs across Europe.

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